Our coffee doesn’t just taste wonderful, it also does good things.

With our sustainability programs, we aim to make the production of our coffee more environmentally and socially sustainable, across its supply chain: from sourcing the beans, to roasting, blending and transportation. We know that when coffee does good things, it tastes even better.

Kenco Coffee is 4C compliant, which means our beans are sourced from farms that comply with the 4C Code of Conduct. This helps coffee farmers apply sustainable production practices, such as preserving the environment around their farms, and improving social conditions for them and their workers. It also helps to improve the quality of their coffee crop and increase efficiency.

Find out more about 4C verification here

In 2014 we launched Coffee vs Gangs – an initiative to create better opportunities for young people in Honduras, where gangs are a constant threat. We are offering the chance of a better life by training young people to be independent coffee farmers, giving them the skills to grow great quality coffee beans. Now the programme’s students are building businesses of their own and, backed by funding from Kenco, their futures are looking brighter than ever.

We are constantly working on reducing our CO2 emissions by reducing the number of trucks we have on the road. As well as consolidating a number of our UK warehouses for fewer haulage miles and stock movements, we also work with our customers in unique ways to reduce their carbon footprint and CO2 emissions.

We’re also working on minimising the impact our coffee production has on the environment - our Banbury Coffee Factory is zero waste to landfill since 2013 - and making production more environmentally friendly by aiming to reduce water and energy consumption by 3% every year.   

Supporting a number of charities in the UK, we regularly donate our coffee to local food banks and small local organisations. Our official fundraising partners are Macmillan Cancer support and Irish Cancer Care, for which we’re aiming to raise £30,000 in 2017.

To discover more about our corporate responsibility programmes and how we help coffee farmers in different countries click here.